segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011


1. The Invitation (Produced By Ty Fuffe)
2. Then Days Went By (Produced By Lab Ox)
3. Death To My Enemies (Produced By Dr. Dre And Mark Batson)
4. So Disrespectful (Produced By Tha Bizness)
5. Psycho (Featuring Eminem) (Produced By Dr. Dre)
6. Hold Me Down (Produced By Team Ready And J Keys)
7. Crime Wave (Produced By Team Demo)
8. Stretch (Produced By Rick Rock)
9. Strong Enough (Produced By Nascent And QB Da Problem)
10. Get It Hot (Produced By Black Key AKA Mickey Davis)
11. Gangsta's Delight (Produced By Havoc)
12. I Got Swag (Produced By Dual Output)
13. Baby By Me (Featuring Ne-Yo) (Produced By Polow Da Don)
14. Do You Think About Me (Produced By Rocwilder)
15. OK, You're Right (Produced By Dr. Dre And Mark Batson)
16. Could've Been You (Featuring R.Kelly) (Produced By DJ Khalil)

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