domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Too Short - Chase The Cat-2001

 1. Keep Fuckin' Me Too $hort  
 2. I Luv Too $hort featuring Trick Daddy, Scarface & Daz  
 3. Late Nite Creep Too $hort featuring Jasse Pha, Murda and Packy  
 4. These Are The Tales Too $hort  
 5. This How We Eat Too $hort  
 6. Candy Paint Too $hort  
 7. Fire Too $hort featuring Erick Sermon  
8. Can I Hit It Too $hort  
 9. Chase The Cat Too $hort featuring Dolla Will  
10. Looking For A Baller Too $hort featuring Jasse Pha  
11. Pimpin' Ken (Interlude) Too $hort  
12. Domestic Violence Too $hort featuring E-40  
13. Player For Life Too $hort  
14. Analyze The Game Too $hort  
15. Talkin' Shit Too $hort featuring B-Legit and Ant Banks  
16. U Stank Too $hort featuring George Clinton and Baby DC  
17. Don't Ever Give Up Too $hort

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