segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

Brad Bamers - the cut-ups of a paper woman - 2005

01- Mechanical ...and Stuck Ina Downpour
02- A. I Play Dead B. Return Rewound
03- Black & White
04- Half World
05- A. Sinking Summer Boat B. Water Drops and Record Pops
06- Cliff Notes
07- A. Lookbehindu...And The Pregnant Way To Carry An Art Text Book B. Psychedalic Scarecrows
08- Footsteps (A Smile in A Script)
09- A. Pickpocketed Memory Clip B. Hiking Kit
10- Arms Made 4 Hugs Like Wrenchmetal
11- Hic-Cup
12- A. Loose Brain Thr

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