quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011


01.Roll with Killer Bees Feat. Yellow Jackets
02.Headline Feat. Armel; 12oclock; P Sunn and Rev Burks
03.Assed Out Feat. Wu-Tang Clan
04.Dirts The Boogie Feat. O.D.B;and Y.D.P Boy Jones
05.You Must Be Dreaming Feat. Bobby Digital and Kinetic
06.M.E.F Feat. Johnny Blaze
07.Smooth Sailing Feat. Ghostface; Trife and Solomon Childs
08.Get It Started Feat. King Just; Nate and Y.C.
09.Faced Down Feat. Streetlife
10.The Testimony Feat. Remedy and Killah Priest
11.Action Feat. Solomon Childs
12.No Game Around Here Feat. Killer Bees
13.Into You Feat. Rev Burks and Rugged Monk
14.Transporting Feat. Remedy and Jojo Pelligrino
15.Flight of The Killer Bees Feat. Prodigal Son and Rev Burks

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